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: the third tool is a free online web browser for kids called cocoon for klaas kids. the lamar family told us it's difficult to speculate but they feel some of these tools could have possibly prevented or helped them in sierra's case. antolin garcia has been charged with her murder. but the family is frustrated because the courts are moving so slow. they are still looking for sierra. we're told 40 to 50 people still show up here to look for her. jag ktvu channel 2 news. >>> students from sandy hook elementary are wrapping up their first day back pat school since the shooting at newtown. the students are attending classes in the neighboring town of monroe which has been converted and renamed sandy hook elementary. the school has been outfitted with rugs and furniture from the original sandy hook, even the school's pet turtle was relocated. one returning student said he would make a great mascot. >> our motto that could go with it is one step at a time. >> i think them getting on the bus is -- for us it's a movement forward. i think a lot of us are looking forward. this is the next step. >> cou
police chief howard jordan and other supporters. people are upset about a police tactic called stop and frisk, a method supported by l.a.'s former police chief. chief jordan wants to hire him as a consultant. >> ask yourself why people in this room are so willing to risk going to jail by shouting out and screaming. because they know there's something fundamentally wrong with the oakland police department. >> just remember this, okay. i'm the police chief. i'm the guy that gets to decide what practice we're going to do and how we're going to do it. i'm the person that's going to be held accountable. >> the plan also includes more funding for the police academy to train new officers as well as the hiring of 11 alameda county sheriff's deputies for violent suppression efforts. the city council will vote on the issue next tuesday. >>> more shake-ups in the white house cabinet as president obama helds into his second term. today interior secretary ken salazar announced he is stepping down. he's the latest cabinet secretary to exit the administration following secretary of state hillary c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2